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Patriarch Pavle of Serbia
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Patriarch Pavle was the 44th Patrijarh of the Serbian Orthodox Church, from 1990 until his death. Born on September 11th 1914 in Kucanci, Slavonija, died in Belgrade November 15th 2009. As the Patriarch he healed the schism with the "Free Serbian Orthodox Church".


For those of you who are now saying "but he's not a saint..?!" - the inscription on the icon doesn't say that he is, now, does it? Who is or isn't will be on God to decide anyway, but for now a friend asked me to paint this icon and I did. Traditionally, when people think of someone as a saint they tend to make icons of that person before the official canonization. If it never happens then such icons die together with the people they depict and there's no problem; if they do get canonized then painting their icons turns out to have been a good thing after all and, again, there's no problem :)

For those who are saying "Phh... that's not a really good portrait of him" - this is not a portrait at all, this is a Byzantine icon. Explaining in depth what the difference is would take a lot of time and a few pages at least, so I can't do that here; look it up, knowing what you're talking about is always a good thing.

11.81x15.75 inches (30x40 cm)
Private collection, MA
Watch a video of this icon being painted: