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The Virgin of the Passion
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Commonly called The Virgin of the Passion or Mother of God of the Passion this icon is better known in the west as Our Mother of Perpetual Help or The Virgin of Perpetual Help.

The Angels are holding the instruments of Christ's "Passion" - lance, sponge, cross and nails. The Child Jesus gazes towards the instruments of His Passion, and seeks comfort in the arms of his mother.

In this particular icon the background gilding is brushed as opposed to being burnished (polished). The effect is a less shiny and less mirroring, satin surface. This type of gilding is also done on red bole and also uses two layers of gold leaf - the only difference is that instead of using an agate burnisher to polish the gold in this case a brush is used to smooth it out.





11.81x15.75 inches (30x40 cm)
Private Collection, MA
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