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Panagia of Dechani
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Panagia (Greek=all holy) is the title used for the Mother of God, and in Serbian it is also a name for an oval like this depicting the Mother of God with the Christ child, worn as a pendant by bishops. The Greek term for such an object is engolpion.

I named this one Panagia of Dechani for two reasons:

a) It is based on "Mother of God of Dechani", a famous Serbian medieval icon from Dechani Monastery;

b) The border interlaces are actually downsized vertical ornaments from the western portal of the Dechani church;

I don't know what happened with this carving; I gave it as a "thank you for giving me this boxwood" gift to a monk from Grachanica Monastery who said he was going to give it to his bishop as a present, but I lost contact with him so I don't know what happened.



2.09x2.76 inches (53x70 mm)
Time spent:
59 hours 40 minutes
Private collection, unknown
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